We've been interviewed! By Kimberly, who puts together the Gilded Gutter blog, here it is! Read it! Don't judge OK! We don't know what we're on about most of the time, and let the music do the talkin' yeah.... Click the face.


Also, in some other great news. The Lunch Music CDR is out, and you should definitely get a copy,
its a collection of all the bands that played the first series of Lunch Music at Utrophia project space in Deptford. Andrew who runs the awesome little shop called Extra Bones organised it... Click the face.


And thirdly, go and check out the new solo shows that Verity Susman( :D ) has started to play because Jack, who feels like its OK to plug his own shit on here as he takes on the blog duty, has made some visuals for the shows. Here is a freeeeeeze frame!

Its a slash-fiction-space-opera starring 7of9 and Cpt.Janeway from Star Trek Voyager!

Next show: 1st of May at Electricity Showrooms supporting Royal Baths. Seeya!

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