HERE IS a brand new release for you. Its a split CDR with Colin Min Sai. Its a live recording of our show at Levontin7 in Tel Aviv on the 3rd March 2012. We were really pleased with the results, we didn't cringe too much when we heard it back so as it passed that test its out there in the world now. The first load of physical copies we make come with A TINY PIECE OF MUDDY SALTY SAND FROM THE DEAD SEA. Look you can see them in the little bags in this scan. Massive props to Sara AKA Colin and her deft eyes who noticed that the kites upside down look like a cute face ^_^

You can now also PRE-ORDER the M'ladys re-pressing of "Manananggal" from HERE
its got a new cover to tempt all the nerdy completists out there 

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