Word up mutherfuckers! Here we are at Power Lunches, sweating buckets. Look at Rachel's shiny face!
We've been finishing up a few new songs we started writing waay back in a school classroom in Sweden during the summer. We wiped further sweat from our brows in relief when we managed to play one all the way through without messing up when we played with Nat Baldwin earlier this week.

And lately we've been practising under a shop in Brixton, running off the most delicious spicy patties trying to prepare the others for upcoming shows. Gill has taken to the mic to unleash her flow, with rhymes about missing organs in the afterlife.

And in more brrreaking news, we're organising a tour in May with Trash Kit!!! We're going to be starting in Lyon, then heading in and out of Switzerland before making our way back across France and finishing up in Belgium ...details soon!

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