Hello 2012!!! This is gonna be an interesting year, whether yr into newsnight or ancient mayan calendars its pretty much the end of the world. If you got a compass in a christmas cracker this year just throw it away now, soon the magnetic poles are gonna be flipped and we're all gonna burn. We're just glad we made it past the arctic circle and down an iron mine before that happened, just to say we've been there.

But apart from that, and other fun developments like releasing our first record and playing really exciting but nervetwisting shows with Electrelane, our 2011 highlight has to be getting Ana Da Silva to choose her favourite Halo Halo fluffy toy, sadly there isn't a photo of this actual moment, but this will do... this is pretty much exactly what this moment in time looked like...

Its hard to predict exactly what might happen to us this year, but we know that in March we're heading off to the Holy land to play a couple of shows in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and to float about in the dead sea and cover ourselves with Cleopatra's own choice of exfoliating mud. 

We're also playing our first ever gig in the land of Essex!

And shows with greats such as Flamingods and Nat Baldwin this month!

We've also got some new songs to lay down for y'all, so that's coming soon too in some kind of circular form that spins, see this is like trying to bring this little bit of text back to time or magnetic poles or something, whatever, we've got a new record coming out OK!

Oh and finally, thank you to our friends in time, Anguish Sandwich for naming 'Sunshine Kim' their fave song of 2011 on Northampton's weekender show!


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