Here is Secret Eater! Belly kids' covers compilation which features our version of 'Everywhere', a song penned by Fleetwood Mac in the heyday of the 80's.

In other news, we have almost finished our debut album!! We've been recording it at Soundsavers with Mark Jasper. We recorded 12 songs in 4 days spread over the past month, so quite a whirlwind of sessions, but which were really fun and laid back. We're very pleased with how things are sounding so far. A couple are quite new and some were written over two years ago in a sitting room full of junk in Lewisham, so its good to finally get them definitively down!

Some things to look forward to are chanting robot voices, the sound of a harmonica being sucked by a hoover, and this home made Hurdy Gurdy brought in by Joseph Lewes

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